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Large Family Air Tents

We have picked our favourite large family Air Tents from all across the web.  We have scoured the internet for reviews, YouTube videos and hints and tips to bring you this list.   As camping season is about to get well underway, availability and pricing is constantly changing so check back regularly for updates, bargains and new arrivals.

Coleman Weathermaster 6XL Air Tent

Coleman Weathermaster 6XL

Coleman Weathermaster 6XL Air Tent

Only available for pre-order at the moment.  We will keep this page updated for when it comes into stock.

Berghaus Air Polycotton 6XL



The Berghaus Air 6XL Polycotton inflatable tent from Berghaus is one if not the top best-sellers in the category because of its practicality and quality.  This is the Polycotton version of the extremely highly rated Air 6XL which is basically the best fabric you can buy for a tent and really takes this up a notch.  The polycotton material is super breathable and yet completely water proof which means this tent keeps lovely and cool in the summer whilst still giving you total protection from the UK weather!  This tent has one so many awards I wont bore you listing them here but I think that really speaks for itself.


Reviewers loved the following

  • First class construction and materials.

  • Two entrances, main at the front and one on the side.

  • Huge amount of living and sleeping space.

  • Very easy to pitch and easily goes back in the sturdy bag when time to take it down again.

  • Wheelybag for easy transport.

  • Multiple entrances to the sleeping area so that people don’t have to climb over each other.

  • Sleeping area is blacked out so you don’t get woken by the blazing sun at 5am!

  • Large windows all around the living area which can be closed over for privacy if required.

  • Ample headroom for even the tallest.

  • Electrical access zips for hooking up to site power.

  • Fully sewn in ground sheet.

  • Loads of storage pockets.


Things reviewers loved less

  • The tent is rather heavy at 49kg.


Water Proof Rating

This tent is made from Berghaus’s polycotton material which has a 65% cotton / 35 % polyester makeup.  You don’t need to worry about any water leakage with this one!


Pitching the Berghaus Air 6XL Polycotton

Here at we actually own this exact tent so can verify that pitching it is a breeze with two people or can even be done single handed.  Here is a YouTube video showing you how its done and also extensively reviews the tent.

Taking the Berghaus Air 6XL Polycotton down

Simply the reverse of putting it up and very quick.  The bag is huge so there are no issues fitting it back in and thanks to the bag having wheels it is very easy to pull around.  This is just as well as the packed tent measures 95 x 60 x 55 cm and weights a wopping 49kg.


Sleeping Area

The bedrooms are huge, much larger than its competitors in this price range. There are three bedrooms, each 140cm wide and divided with removeable toggle dividers.

You can easily remove the dividers, opening up the bedrooms into one large bedroom or you can create a master and a 2nd bedroom as well. Or, even if there’s only four of you, you can sleep in comfort while you can have a large storage room.

The bedrooms are extremely dark thanks to Berghaus’s clever use of the Polycotton and other materials.



The main entrance can be unzipped so that only the fine insect net layer is left.  This coupled with various flaps on the sides of the tent give more than adequate ventilation when needed.



Storage space is one of the strengths of the Berghaus Air 6 XL Polycotton as there are plenty of them. There are cubby pockets around everywhere, and there’s also an organiser hung between the bedrooms with 4 smaller pockets.

There are two cable entry points and you can secure the cable by velcro to lead it up to the lantern hanging points



In our view purchasing a footprint and carpet for this tent is a must.  The footprint will keep the tent clean and make it last longer, think of the footprint as an extra groundsheet to protect the tent and also means the porch floor will be covered.  From experience, the carpet really does make the tent feel like a home from home and adds a really cosy feel.  Links to where you can purchase them here.


Our Verdict

We truly believe this is probably the best value and most practical tent on the market at this price range.  We think it looks pretty darn good too but then again we are biased as we actually bought this tent!  We have included a link here for the standard material Berghaus Air 6XL, ideal if you are on a budget but still want a cracking tent.

Vango Joro Air 600XL